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Firefighter BA Tally Presentation


Fully decorated firefighter retirement/award presentation. Comes supplied as standard with;

Choice of presentation plaque
Choice of BA Tally
Choice of service badge
Choice of service ribbons*


Please list any medal ribbons required

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Firefighter retirement/award presentation. This 7″ x 5″ (175 x 125mm) plaque features the option of a wooden base or an acrylic sandstone effect base with al firefighters BA Tally in solid brass, brushed aluminium or brushed brass,  mounted onto the base.

The basic plaque can then be personalised with a range of options including;

  • Service badge – available as a laser engraving into wood, enamel filled into stone, laser engraved plate or sublimation printed plate
  • BA Tally with name and service start and finish dates in solid brass or brushed aluminium.

* This product can be supplied with a metal medal ribbon – a full range of options for enameled or cloth ribbons is available on request- please contact us for information.

This handsome gift will provide a high-quality, long-term reward for years of service and will rightly be proudly displayed by the recipient.

If you have specific options you require, please do not hesitate to discuss. Simply contact us.

Note –

  1. The Walnut base is dark, therefore laser engraving the service crest is not suitable.
  2. The enamel fill service crest option is for use with the stone base
Base Type

Oak Veneer, Stone, Teak, Walnut

BA Tally

Brushed Aluminium, Brushed Brass, Solid Brass

Service Crest

Black Print on Brushed Aluminium, Enamel Filled Crest, Full Colour, Laser Engraved into Wood

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