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Recent “Historic” Productions

A look at some notable recent work

Along with the many and varied signs that we produce, there are also some projects that are a little bit more unusual. The skills and craftsmanship that are required for our standard products can be equally applied to items that are outwith the routine.

Some of our recent work is highlighted here;

Perth Toll Board

In the early 19th century, with the use of toll roads, the entry of goods and products into towns often came at a charge. As part of our customer’s renovation of the former Toll House at Barnhill, Perth the original board notifying the various tolls to be charged was to be restored.

The hand-painted board was to be replaced with vinyl lettering in order to provide a long-term solution to be weather resistant and to prevent fading. Each letter was created on computer and manipulated into the required words to replicate the original hand-written script. The paint was selected to provide an accurate replica of the look of the board when it was first installed.

The finished board is shown below;

Perth & Kinross Council Provost Board

We received a request to update the list of Provosts within the local authority headquarters buildings in Perth. Previous names had been added in an ad-hoc way and showed various styles of lettering. The board was to be resurfaced, repainted and the lettering applied in gold vinyl.

Historic Motor Trade Sign

Our customer had received an old sign from what is believed to be the first driving school in Perth. The sign had been stored for many years and was in a fragile condition. The original was photographed in high resolution and replicated with a vinyl print mounted onto aluminium to give a close copy of the distressed original. We also created a ‘cleaned up’ version of the original and made a new sign on aluminium in the original style.

From protecting and preserving the past to replicating and refreshing, at Signs & Designs we pride ourselves on being able to find appropriate solutions to help you achieve your aims.

We specialise in bespoke production

If you have a historic item or unusual project, please feel free to chat with us about how we can help. Contact us here.