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Clan Crest Tree Slices

In this post we are highlighting one of the most popular products from our shop,
our Clan Crest Tree Slices.

Scottish clan and family crests come in many forms and are linked to the historic clan system. Most incorporate heraldic symbols from myth and legend, wildlife, nature or historic reference with clan motos, names and titles.

We combine the ancient clan crest with nature by laser engraving the design onto a thick slice of birch wood. The tree slices include the bark, resulting in a very natural looking product showing family heritage and tradition.

We offer these tree slices in three sizes – 12” 300mm diameter (large), 6” 150mm (Medium) or 4″ 100mm (Small)

We can provide these with your choice of clan crest such as these examples;

Clan crest title

We can also produce these items with heraldic crests such as this example;

These items have proven popular as gifts that mark the timeless link between family and country.

For further information simply contact us or visit the product page

Other Ideas & Options –

Tree Slices – We can apply other types of graphics to the tree slices, giving endless possibilities for expressing your creative side. From fantasy graphics to family trees, we can laser engrave your graphic ideas onto wood.

Clan Crests on Various Items – Because we are working with computer graphics and lasers, we can engrave your clan crest onto various surfaces such as slate, metal or acrylic. We can also print onto poster paper, banner material or flags.

Hip Flask with Clan Crest

We specialise in bespoke production, so if you have an idea and would like it produced, please do get in touch.